A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

🌸 Explore a breathtaking surreal paper world

👾 Full of secret hidden spaces

🕹️ Retro-inspired platforming

👻 Unique ~FLOAT~ mechanic

This game began with the above float mechanic and I built the whole world and game around using that power and movement in unique ways.

2D Metroidvania focused on platforming rather than combat 

~try the demo~

The Little Ghost DEMO is

         >Ages 17+ (for some language)
         > Has multiple quests that can be completed in demo
         > Includes a "finish line" with score of collectables found
         >Takes approx 2-3hrs to complete 

Website: little-ghost.com

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Twitter: @LittleGhost2021

Coming to OCTOBER 2022
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Download or Stream the Little Ghost OST here on Itchio: https://littleghost2021.itch.io/little-ghost-ost

Go ahead, give the demo a try - it's free!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date May 26, 2021
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorsLittle Ghost, TextGuy;
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Cute, Exploration, gamepad, Metroidvania, mixed-media, Non violent, Retro, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
LinksSteam, Homepage, Twitter

Install instructions

Unzip folder, click on "LittleGhost DEMO" EXE file.


Little Ghost for Windows PC || Demo v3.2.2 674 MB
Little Ghost for MAC || Demo v3.2 674 MB

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I finally finished this! I good to 80% and reached the end of the game. The collage art style is absolutely stunning. This is the first video game I've seen that uses collage artwork and it's used to it's full potential. The scene when meeting the mapmaker was fantastic. Before meeting her I had no idea that the background images could move. I approached her not sure what I was interacting with, and then seeing her wake up and started talking was really well done.

The gameplay itself was really engaging as well. I'm not usually a fan of metroidvania, but this game had me coming back again and again! The game can be very difficult in certain sections though. I thing I spent at least 100 deaths on the illuminati enemies. Overall, I really enjoyed the game!

Oh I'm so glad you returned to it and enjoyed it!! Thank you for all the kind words and for your time.  You're also not the only one who found the illuminati eyes very difficult, the next patch will slow their times down and one of them will be removed all together. Thanks for the feedback, it is super helpful!

Howdy! This game looks really sweet, and very unique in concept. Amazing job!

It would be really cool if you could consider porting this game also for ARM64 Windows  (or x86 win) since sadly x64 executables don't run well, and I would buy this game in a heartbeat once the full version is out.

But other than that, amazing work :)


Thank you so much! I appreciate the kind words and I'll look into getting you other versions in the future!


OMG thank you so much for taking this into consideration. And again, outstanding game you have here, great work!!! :)


thanks so much :)


Looks like a really promising release, you did an amazing job!


Thank you so much! Really appreciate that!


one of the BEST metroidvania I've played! (and maybe one of the hardest -finished the main storyline in the demo across 3 days,  only got 65% completion tho) ..really love the surreal, collage art style, so much that I just want to stop platforming and admire the background art!


thank you for giving it so much time and attention! and thank you for all the kind words. I'm glad you stopped to enjoy the backgrounds, that makes me so happy 😃
Be well!


I have spent wonderful time with this demo! My favourite segment is path to bookshelf -  beside screaming babies, they were kinda mean :P In all seriousness, such various use of beam's simple mechanic was super fun and exciting. 

I gave up on the part with purple key - it became too frustrating for me, but I am also not the best at platformers. :') 

Backgrounds are super unique and often stunning - one ot the most satisfying moments was floating between columns in some side room. It's one example of many nice touches that make your game look polished.

I will surely give it another time in the future. Good luck in development!

Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed your time! Thank you for all the kind words!

I'm sorry the babies kept you from finishing the purple key, but I have good news! I'm releasing a game patch/update in about 3 weeks with a bunch of fixes and improvements. One of those changes is taking the difficulty down on that purple key, so, if you wait a few weeks, you can download the 3.2 version and use your same save file to pick right up at the purple key again. I'd love it if you can tell me if that change makes a difference for your experience.

Thank you again for playing and for all the nice things you said. Have a great day!

Thanks for response! I checked to be sure and it seems I made silly mistake with colors 😅 I will leave it in original comment, but to clarify - I gave up on part with blue key not purple. Well, it gives me chance to elaborate. 

Blue key is in my opinion hard to access (I'm looking at you, pirate rhino and sloping wall!), so struggling to collect it after every mistake (especially with such long and painful path to door) makes this part feel quite exhausting. I think it could be more bearable if checkpoint saved key, or maybe setting one checkpoint closer to spawn point of this key?
On the other hand real purple key (if I'm not confusing them again 😅) was on the path to bookshelf. Getting it to door was challenging but fun (I have praised beam already)! The key (:P) diffrence in my opinion was very easy return to purple key after small mess up (just falling down in good direction), so I could start another try quickly. It can be just me, but struggling to get key somewhere felt more entertaining, than struggling to collect a key 😅
Sorry for any confusion! I'll be happy to check out future updates (so glad to hear that current save file will be useful) and give more feedback. Best wishes!

Oh ok well if it's the blue key you're talking about, then I have even better news for you 😊 I made a much more drastic change to that key: I moved it to a different place entirely!

Thank you again for all your feedback 🙌
I'm aiming to have the patch out on March 20th 
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the changes

Have a great day!

Did a write-up of this on my blog if u feel like givin it a read! https://chiegaming.tumblr.com/post/676403474105319424/little-ghost-demo-itchstea...

Good luck with the final release, u got something seriously special going here.


      Gosh, there's so much I feel about this, I don't know where to begin responding. I want to thank you for meeting the game on that level and I want to meet you there in response, but that might have to be in a few days.  For now, thank you, truly.

      2 quick things.
      1. You're the first person to report that controller issue, but I want to try to address it if I can. It sounds annoying to say the least. May I ask what make & model is your controller?
      2. There are audio sliders on the pause menu, one controls the mp3 player (the music/podcasts) and another controls the SFX (death and damage etc). I hope you can find a mix of levels that's a happier medium. Maybe I'll lower the SFX audio defaults for the next patch. I can re-label the audio sliders too so they're clearer.

      Thank you again for all the kind words and for the thoughtful write-up. Have a great day!

      Oh yea it's no problem!! Absolutely take your time with responding, no pressure or anythin, I'm just really glad you liked it!!

      I used a wireless Switch Pro controller, it might just be some kinda sensitivity issue on my end.
      I didn't notice the audio sliders actually, I'm glad you got those set up though!

      I honestly wasn't expecting to get any kinda big response to this beyond maybe just thanks, but again I'm just, really glad you like it so much. Your game deserves it.


      Thank you , yeah,  I totally get that. I think I was just struck by your addressing the heart of the matter, that the subtext is the context, it is the environment and the medium etc.  I was hoping someone would resonate with it on that level and so I just thank you for meeting it there.

      Also happy to know there are some Negativland fans out there :)

      I'll take a look to see if I can change thresholds for controller sensitivity. It sucks that that happened. I have a patch coming in a few weeks anyway, hopefully that version will be without such an issue.

      Thanks again for the kind words. They're very appreciated. Have a great day!

      If you get a moment to check, I wonder if you'd be able to download the v3.2 I just put out and tell me if that fixed your controller drift issue. I increased the threshold for joystick inputs, I hope that helps.


      Just checked, works perfectly!

      ah, SO glad to hear that! thanks for checking!

      can u make it a little hat or hats that we can unlock from doing things or passing levels or something 

      Totally yeah. Leaf has already started drawing a few things like 9 sets of different eyes/expressions, a few different dress patterns etc. That'll be for the full game release, but it will be there in the future. I hope you will be too :)

      Mac version fails to execute.

      Huh, I'm sorry to hear that. I just had someone comment in the 3.0 dev notes a few days ago that they were playing it - so I know it worked for them. But actually they were asking about getting the Mac version updated to current 3.1 and I told them I'd aim to make that happen in the next few weeks. When I upload that, I'll let you know, and we can see if that version works any better for you.  Thanks for the interest, I'll do my best

      Thanks for your efforts! No worries, I installed successfully on windows, enjoying surrealistic world of dangerous erasers.

      oh cool, very glad to hear it!

      This game makes me want a little ghost friend.


      If you played this game, the little ghost is already your friend :)


      one of the best games ive played, cant wait for the full release <3


      Wow, thank you so much! Can't wait to share it with you!


      I love the aesthetics! The backgrounds are just amazing, and I really like how surreal the world is. 

      I feel like the platforming feels a bit clunky though. The character feels heavy, slow and floaty(even when he's not floating). I think I'd enjoy it more if the gravity was stronger and the player moved faster. 

      The floating mechanic is cool and could lead to some very interesting platforming. I think it would be nice if there were visual changes to the character when his floating time is close to ending. Maybe show the floating time bar close to the character?

      I'll be looking forward to see more about this project!


      Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. :)
      I've been on the fence about increasing player speed and gravity. You may have just pushed me to try those changes.
      I played your Candela game last night and really enjoyed that too. I did a little of the in-browser version and I'm looking forward to dowloading and seeing how far I can go with it.
      Pleasure to meet you!


      Just uploaded a version with all new physics -- including stronger gravity and faster player movements. I'd love it if you'd give it a try and let me know what you think of the changes.
      Hope you're doing well!



       Sorry for the late reply, just got some time to play. I really enjoyed the changes, and it feels a lot smoother right now!  

      One little piece of feedback I'd have is that, although the platforming sections difficulty is fine, they can be very punishing of mistakes. I'd love if there were less instant killing traps. That could even come with a reduction on total health, that way you could balance how many mistakes a player could make for a certain distance between save points. On that same note, I got really frustrated on a section were a key was far away from the lock (near the elevator area). Having to redo the whole section for every mistake makes it frustrating, so it would be nice if there was some leeway.

      As of the last time I played, the visual are great and I love how surreal the world feels! Do you have a release date in mind for the full version?


      Thanks so much for the feedback! I'll totally think of some ways to address your point about granting additional leeway.

      I dont have a date in mind as of yet, but I'd like to aim for 1 year. I wanted to get these early levels well polished and learn from feedback so that I could apply those lessons to the full game.

      Thanks again so very much for taking the time to play and write back! Really appreciate you.